Simi Desor

Registered Psychologist

Christchurch, NZ

Specialising in family psychology

Focussing on resilience and practical solutions

My Practice and Approach

My Practice & Approach

You may be looking for help around a specific issue. The issues I work with my clients on include family and relationship issues, attachment, behaviour, trauma, anxiety, depression, bereavement and grief, stress management, conflict resolution, emotional well-being, resilience and growth. We focus on your strengths and on developing the positives when working together.

When we begin, we will work together to set some goals by discussing what you hope to achieve by coming to therapy: how would you know that therapy worked? What key concerns would need to be addressed and what changes would you need to see? This discussion will help us clarify your purpose in coming, and how we should work toward your goal.

Issues do not exist in isolation. I use an ecological approach to explore what is going on and develop strategies to address the situation. This means that during our appointments, we will work together to understand what is happening for you within a larger context—this includes exploring your own experiences, your relationships and the social context within which you live and work. Using this interconnected, collaborative and relational approach we will establish a base that will be helpful and meaningful for you.